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Restoratve Yoga
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Yoga for Slow Living
Paying attention to your breath, to sensations in your body, and to feelings
and thoughts as they arise, creates opportunities to slow down and bring
greater awareness to what's happening in the moment. It is here that life is
most fully experienced and appreciated.
A "Yoga for Slow Living" practice
focuses on the benefits of
slowing down--on your yoga mat
and in your life. Sessions include
techniques such as gentle
movement, breathing exercises,
meditation and guided relaxation.
These tools can help to release
physical tension, manage
emotional and mental stress,
increase concentration, strength
and flexibility, and often create a
feeling of peace and well being
both on and off the yoga mat.

With regular practice of conscious
relaxation, you can train yourself
how to rest with ease, how to
quiet your busy mind, how to
remain calm during stressful
situations, and how to manage
chronic pain and anxiety.

For information on current
For Slow Living
(aka Gentle
classes see the schedule.
Restorative Yoga is a therapeutic
form of  conscious relaxation
which allows the body and mind
to come into balance.

During the practice, you can
experience the benefits of being
passively supported in yoga
postures lasting from 5 to 25
minutes. This slow release of
physical tension and mental
stress invites healing and
creates an overall sense of
peace and well being.

In addition to group and private
sessions, Rhoda now offers an
advanced training to yoga
teachers and practitioners
wishing to deepen their practice.

For more on current Restorative
Yoga classes, trainings and
retreats (including a monthly
Restorative workshop and the
next series of "
Rested and
Renewed: A Yogic Approach to
Relaxation and Sleep
"), visit the
Programs page.

For current group classes and
advanced training times, dates
and places, check the
For private instruction,
Rhoda directly.
Whatever your current level of
physical activity,
Phoenix Rising
Yoga Therapy offers an effective,
safe and natural path to well

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
combines elements of yoga
with non-directive dialogue to
create a deeper experience
of the body/mind connection.

During a session, Rhoda applies
techniques such as breath
awareness, guided meditation
and supported movement to
help clients focus on what's
happening in the moment.

The process encourages
listening to your inner wisdom
with respect, acceptance and
compassion. In doing so there is
an increased awareness of the
natural connection between your
body, your thoughts, and the
issues in your life.

Long-term benefits include a
more tension-free body, an
increased sense of mental
clarity, emotional balance, and
spiritual harmony.

If this sounds like a journey
you'd like to take, contact Rhoda
to schedule an appointment. No
yoga experience is needed. All
inquiries are confidential.
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