Using an array of mind-body techniques, client and practitioner work together to formulate a plan that
reinforces each client’s intentions. The goal of this program is to develop and maintain manageable
practices that continue to support relaxed and mindful living.

The practices offered in each series incorporate a variety of methods, from classical wisdom traditions such
as Yoga to more contemporary approaches for reducing stress and managing chronic pain and fatigue, as
well as producing benefits such as focus and creativity. All programs involve learning skills and practicing
methods in some or all of following areas:

 A. Breathing techniques:
       ● a variety of methods to help reduce anxiety, blood pressure, chronic pain
       ● sleep-improvement techniques
       ● methods to help increase focus, concentration and creativity

 B. Relaxation and Meditation techniques:
       ● guided meditation, yoga nidra, mindfulness meditation
       ● relaxation techniques based on Restorative Yoga

 C. Movement techniques:
      ● Slow, gentle stretching to reduce tension and increase focus
      ● personalized assisted movements and client-directed exploratory dialog

 D. Integration Activities:
      ● Methods to create authentic personal clarity and direction
      ● Methods to create effective professional clarity and direction
      ● Spoken, written, and non-verbal techniques or personal growth

Whether you’re wanting personal or professional guidance, each protocol is based on your  individual
needs. Your particular series is uniquely designed to help you create the kind of personal harmony needed
to sustain balance in your day to day living.
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