Yoga Nidra
Meditation and Mindfulness Practices
When practiced regularly, meditation has the power to create greater
physical health, emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and a sense of peace.
About Rhoda Miriam
By cultivating mindfulness, we tap into the essence of meditation:
awareness. There are many meditation techniques that help us
discover and maintain this awareness. For example, with a
technique like meditating on the breath, the body and mind are
working together as a whole by creating a greater sense of
peacefulness (try the
Tranquility Breath).

The following programs offer experiential exploration of both
classical and contemporary meditation practices designed to
support the mind/body approach to healing and wellness.

Cultivating a Calm Mind: Meditation Series for Daily Living
A 4-week series that includes 6 hours of learning and practicing
classical and contemporary techniques. Here is an opportunity to
learn or renew the skills that support the experience of being
fully present to your life. No previous yoga or meditation
experience is needed. Chairs and other props are provided. See
schedule for times, dates, places.

Cultivating a Compassionate Heart: Meditation Series for Daily
A 4-week series focusing on mindful practices such as breath and
body awareness, co-meditation and mindful listening, Metta
(loving-kindness) meditation, and guided Yoga Nidra (conscious
relaxation) meditation.  Through periods of silence and
discussion, students will explore how these techniques invite
opportunities to cultivate an attitude of gratitude, compassionate
action towards ourselves and others, and a positive and peaceful
existence. No meditation experience is necessary. Wear
comfortable layered clothing. Cushions and chairs are
schedule for times, dates, places.

Experience Medititation: Mindful Practices for Daily Living
Intentional mindfulness meditation helps us experience life from a
more centered place within ourselves. Visit Programs page for
description. During this 6-hour,  retreat-style workshop, Rhoda
facilitates various techniques to bring the mindfulness process
into your day-to-day living. See
schedule for dates, times, places.

Introduction to Meditation (Parts 1 and 2)                       
The topics covered in this training include learning how to engage
the tools we have: the breath and the body; energy and
vibrational sound through the Prana Vayus and the Chakras;
practicing elements of Insight and Loving Kindness leading us to
discover that we are all heart-connected; creating sacred space
by developing a personal practice for yourself and others.

This course is offered in a 10- or 20-hour retreat-style weekend.
It includes the unique opportunity to practice methods learned
during a block of time devoted to silent practice and mindful
eating. To sponsor this training,
contact Rhoda directly.

Practicing Peace on Purpose: The Art of Living in the Present
A 12-week group intensive training program designed to enhance
your personal and professional life by creating balance and
harmony for yourself and others through the practice and
facilitation of Conscious Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation. If
you are in the helping or healing professions, this program offers
techniques for cultivating a relaxed body and a quiet mind. Learn
techniques appropriate for deepening your own and your clients'
ability to live with less stress and more peace. See
schedule for
dates, times, places.
The practice of Yoga Nidra has
evolved from the foundations
of its 2500-year old wisdom
tradition at the heart of Yoga.

Current scientific research
supports it facilitates
relaxation, freeing the body
from physical tensions and
chronic pain, while helping to
manage anxiety disorders
such as PTSD. Yoga Nidra
calms the mind, releasiing
stressful thoughts that
negatively affect quality of life.

The workshop, "
Peace with Restorative Yoga
Nidra" presents meditation
practices based on protocols
found in
iRest® Yoga Nidra.

At its deepest level, Yoga
Nidra encourages us to view
life's changes --whether large
or small--as happening around
us rather than to us. It is this
experiential perspective that
acts as the doorway to the
most authentic and peaceful
part of our true nature.