Rhoda Miriam
Certified Yoga Therapist & Meditation Facilitator
As an internationally registered and certified yoga therapist, teacher, mentor, and teacher trainer, Rhoda believes that
relief from stress emerges from a calm mind and a relaxed body. Taking time to pay attention to how we breathe and
move offers us opportunities to slow down. Moving at a slower pace enables us to better sustain our own well being
while effectively supporting those around us.

Rhoda has been encouraging students and clients to slow down since 1993. She created Yoga for Slow Living (TM) as a
mindful approach to mind and body wellness. Her specialties include facilitating techniques to help manage daily stress,
boost the immune system and cope with issues such as PTSD, anxiety, and chronic pain. The practices on her CD,
Relax with Rhoda" have helped listeners reduce stress as well as promote more peaceful sleep. Her gentle teaching
methods support self-discovery and self-empowerment in a safe and enjoyable manner.  

Rhoda holds the Yoga Alliance 500-hour experienced teacher designation (ERYT500). She has earned Advanced
Certifications as a professional-level Yoga teacher from the
Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, as an iRest® Yoga
Nidra teacher from Richard Miller at the Integrative Restoration Institute, as a Relax and Renew® Restorative Yoga
trainer from Judith Hanson Lasater, and as
a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy practitioner and mentor. Additionally she has
been certified by the Arthritis Foundation and trained by the National MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Society.

As a faculty member at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona, Rhoda helped develop a 200-hour
Yoga Teacher Training curriculum. She also created courses in Mindfulness and Meditation.

Along with offering group classes workshops and trainings, Rhoda is available for private sessions in therapeutic yoga,
guided meditation, and relaxation therapy in person and by phone. Her unique series, "
The Art of Mindful Slow Living,"
offers guidance and mentoring to help individuals learn more about how to experience healthy, harmonious and happy

For more information on how you might benefit from working with Rhoda,
contact her directly.

More about Rhoda, in her own words:

“Since becoming a yoga practitioner in 1991, I've studied how conditions that limit mobility and cause physical,
emotional and mental tension can be managed with a variety of yoga and meditation techniques. In my own life, I have used
the practices to alleviate symptoms of arthritis.

I've discovered that a very gentle and mindful yoga practice—one that includes breathing, relaxation and meditation
techniques—can help address the issues that people with chronic or recurring pain often experience.

When I practice and when I guide others, I bring attention to the more meditative aspects of yoga—those which help create
relaxation and connection to our own inner wisdom. For me, yoga is about ongoing self-awareness, so that what is
discovered during a yoga or meditation practice can be applied to my daily life.

My intention for myself, and in supporting others, focuses on living a life that embraces balance and harmony. By using the
tools of yoga and meditation, my aim is to encourage a conscious state of relaxed awareness, a place from which to
experience and appreciate life as mindfully and as compassionately as possible, in each moment.”
About Rhoda Miriam