Relax with Rhoda CD
Relax with Rhoda includes four guided
meditation and relaxation experiences to
enhance self-awareness. Each track focuses on
a specific technique.

1. A Moment of Tranquility - 6 minutes
2. Breath Awareness Meditation - 13 minutes
3. Body Awareness Meditation - 13 minutes
4. Yoga Nidra Relaxation - 30 minutes

The first three meditations are designed to
focus attention on the present moment. Listen
to any one prior to your yoga practice, or
independently, as a way to center and ground
yourself through awareness of breath and body.

The Yoga Nidra Relaxation on track 4 can be
used at the end of your yoga practice, or
independently, as a form of relaxation during
the day, or prior to sleep. This method helps to
bring you into a relaxed state through
conscious awareness of body, breath and mind.
Yoga Nidra (inspired by the Bihar School of
Yoga) means psychic, or dynamic, sleep. Unlike
regular sleep, the purpose of this practice is to
learn to relax in a conscious way. When
conscious relaxation occurs, the mind
experiences awareness on many levels.

No knowledge of yoga or meditation is
necessary to practice these methods.

The guidance on this CD is not intended as a
substitute for medical counseling. It is always
advisable to consult your health care
professional if you have any concerns.

Rhoda gratefully acknowledges the support and
encouragement that she has received from her
teachers, students, friends and family, and the
yoga traditions and resources that have guided
and inspired her.

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Four Guided Meditation
and Relaxation Experiences
led by Rhoda Miriam
with Rhoda

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